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After a delicious African foods dish, why not close up with a closeup toothpaste? Or do you prefer Colgate? We bring you both.

These toothpaste are featured here because they are very popular in Africa, and amongst Africans in diaspora. So we thought we should maintain the idea of bringing what ever we can that is dear to your African audience.

Close up toothpaste is made by Lever Brothers Limited (Unilever) and used all over Africa, from Tema in Ghana, Nairobi in Kenya, Kampala Uganda, Addis Ababa Ethopia, Dar es Salam Tanzania, Limbe Malawi to Lusaka Zambia. You can buy close up toothpaste here at the click of your mouse.

We also have Colgate Toothpaste made in South Africa by Colgate-Palmolive (PTY) Ltd.

CloseUp Toothpaste CloseUp Toothpaste £1.50
Close Up toothpaste. Now £1.50!

CloseUp Toothpaste Colgate Toothpaste £0.99p Was £1.30p
Colgate toothpaste. 100mL. Now £0.99p

Still wondering what toothpaste is doing on an African food shop?

Wonder no more.

Go to our page on toothpaste and read about the love affair Africans have with the brand of paste and other materials they use...I have been drawn and soaked into this too.

See my experience at Dalston market in London only recently you are sure to come back and buy close up toothpaste after reading this...

True, for many of us, we will continue to look for and use items we are used to, while at the same time trying out other new items and only change over if the are better than the old ones.


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