I Love Bournvita

by Kathleen
(Wiltshire, England)

I grew up with both Bournvita by Cadbury's and Milo by Nestle in our house.

I find it incredible that the said companies no longer offer/sell these to the UK public. When did we lose the freedom of choice? Probably over the last 25 Years! How many other popular products have been taken off our shelves for the benefit of who we wonder? Too many to name! All of a far superior quality to the meagre offering of today! Surely, if a product sells and is popular, you keep it, or so logic would dictate, unfortunately not in Britain today, this method of thought has long gone.

We are subjected to a new class of idiotism by these so called Graduates who have spent wasted time studying subjects that 25 years any decent respectable university or college would have shunned let alone would have been embarrassed to have on their prospectuses.

I wish the UK luck for the future as the long term outlook is pretty much a dead end with these idiots in place.

I now buy the items that I WANT via the intelligent websites that realise there actually is a requirement and with that a need to fulfill. UK supermarkets are only good for those poor sad individuals that know no difference. I Love Bournvita. I Love My Bournvita. LET THEM BE THE SHEEP!

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Oct 15, 2015
rock NEW
by: Anonymous

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