We are happy to include you in our very first edition of African Foods Weekly, your internet magazine that brings you the latest news, health information on African foods, as well as offers and bonnazers.

We promise to satisfy all your African foods need.

Why AfricanFoods.Co.UK?

African foods are not easily accessible in most major cities of the world, unlike Chinese or Indian foods. When present, they are sort of expensive for the common man. Why force people to abandon their usual foodstuff?

Africanfoods.co.uk aims to make African foods avialable to anyone anywhere in the UK and ultimately anywhere in the world at the lowest price possible!

I was so delighted the other day I was in Denmark Hill London, and walked into an African restuarant...4-t-4. I had a plate of pounded yam and edikaekon! That is how life should be. Be able to eat your usual food anywhere you go; whether in Oshodi or London or Kumasi!

We are currently sending food items to any UK main land address.

New to African foods? Come and have a taste of the world's oldest recipes. That is not to say there are no new emerging african food recipes.

Now that we are talking about african recipes, let me ask: Can you write African food recipes? We are compiling a list of African food recipes, and would be delighted if you could supply us with some. Just go to Africanfoods.co.uk today get back to us using the contact us link. Feel free to put in your order for africanfoods too and have a real taste of africa!

Yours sincerely,

Ngozi Edema

Customer Welfare Director