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Are you looking for African cookbooks? There are hundreds of cook books out there that purportedly guides one in preparing a range of delicious African foods and African cuisines.

The diversity of tribes and ethnicity alike in Africa makes it difficult to get a reasonably unified pattern of cooking that typifies what is obtainable all over the continent.

Even in small communities, the same cuisine may have tens of different ways of preparation, all highlighting cultural difference and available of cooking ingredients.

The choice of cook books will therefore depend on whether you have a specific leaning to say West African Foods or East African, South or North African foods.

We present the popular cookbooks on cuisines from the beautiful continent of Africa here and briefly discuss their peculiar attributes.

The "African Cookbook" by Bea Sandler remains the number one African cookbooks. Written by a woman with great passion for African cuisines, a graduate of Nutrition and Home economics, and a researcher that spent most of her life traveling round the world, collecting and trying out African recipes.

This unique cook book takes a look through most African cultures and regions and brings out the common cuisines amongst the people of that region.

The draw back in this book is that presents most recipes in a adapted form to the American society. It is still been used in teaching African recipes in schools in many part of the world. It is no doubt an ideal first African cookbook to own.

Or are you looking for West African Cookbook?. Dokpe L. Ogunsanya, the authur of "My Cooking" West-African Cookbook, is from West Africa herself, and graphically described the common ways of preparing West African dishes.

It is simply a must have, if you are looking to cook Nigerian foods. You will find great recipes for popular Nigerian foods like jollof rice, coconut rice, dodo, okra soup, African deserts, drinks and more.

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The book, Cooking the East African Way, by Bertha Vining Montgomery and Constance Nabwire is exactly the right African cookbook if you are looking for East African recipes or want to cook the East African Way.

It is a careful blend of culinary ideas from countries that make up the East of Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Somalia.

It is richly packed with beautiful pictures of African foods from that region and discusses how religion and culture has influenced the kind of food eaten in each region.

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