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Welcome to my African foods blog. You'll find the latest news, information, and recipes here as they are added. Don't miss a step on my journey to bring Africa home and cook across the continent from my Canadian kitchen.

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Newest African Food Articles

Jul 17, 2018

Pounded Yam Recipe: How to Prepare Pounded Yam

Learn how to prepare and cook pounded yam recipe here. You can also get pounded yam to buy here.

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Jul 15, 2018

Fish pepper soup |

Fish pepper soup! This spicy soup is fish cooked in broth with a unique spice blend different chilli peppers, nutmeg, dried ginger and scent leaves. The spices and herbs used are considered by many from West Africa to have medicinal value.

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May 28, 2018

African Foods - Your Authoritative Guide To African Cuisine

Discover the history and flavours of African food and recreate authentic African recipes at home. We teach you everything from how to cook African meals to the origins of the dishes.

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Mar 01, 2018

Chicken stock |

Chicken stock| Chicken stock, what could we ever cook without them? Pieces of browned chicken bones with or without chicken simmered in water with herbs and spices and a bit of salt for hours delivering the ultimate flavours to help you reach the crescendo in your cooking

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Feb 23, 2018

African Cuisine | Cooking Around the Continent

Cook your way around the continent and learn about African cuisine and the culinary diversity of each region. Try our tasty recipes from East, West, North, South and Central Africa including favorites like jollof rice, chapati, and plantain porridge.

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Feb 19, 2018

About African Cuisine

About African cuisine was written to bring you African recipes from all over the continent and beyond...

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Feb 18, 2018

Nigerian Foods

Common Nigerian foods include garri, egusi, amala, tuwoo, yam, plantain, akpu, pounded yam, banga soup, gbegiri, edikaekio, owo soup, to mention a few. See them here and how to prepare most ...

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Feb 09, 2018

Plantain Porridge |

Plantain porridge is another delicious healthy meal that can be prepared with plantain. It is filling, nutritious, and good for every one, even for those who suffer with diabetes. Try out this recipe!

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Feb 04, 2018

West African stock recipe|

West African stock recipe like with other cultures using stock and broth as the base of most sauces and stews have been the tradition. This recipe with different meant and fish is a most try

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Feb 04, 2018

Egusi Soup Recipe |

Here is an authentic Egusi soup recipe for your enjoyment. See a step by step guid on how to prepare this top west African dish.

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Feb 03, 2018

How to cook melon soup

Egusi seeds are used in preparing melon soup. Large quantity of very rich cooking oil are also extracted from this yet another nutritious African food seed.

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Feb 01, 2018

Spicy grilled chicken recipe

Spicy grilled chicken are a favourite any day. They are an healthier option to their fried counterpart and even taste better with gorgeous barbeque flavour if done outside on the barbeque with family and friends in the summer. This oven grilled chicken is a winner any day.

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Jan 28, 2018

Nigerian Food | List of Top Foods Eaten in Nigeria and How to Make Them

Nigerian food recipes are derived from a number of grains, rhizomes, bulbs, fruit seeds, vegetables and an avalanche of fruits. See top Nigerian foods here and how to prepare them.

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Jan 28, 2018

How To Cook Akara

Akara is tasty Nigerian fritters mostly eaten for breakfast and as a snack throughout the day. Akara is often paired with bread, ogi eko or custard.

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Jan 28, 2018

Nigerian scrambled eggs

Nigerian scrambled eggs a great breakfast delight to start your day with. Nigerians usually pair this with bread, yam, plantain with a refreshing hot drink of choice. Try this out and it might soon become your favourite breakfast go-to dish when you want something exciting

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Jan 28, 2018

Jollof rice

Jollof rice is easily the most popular rice dish eaten all over West Africa. It is rice cooked in spicy tomato sauce with various spices and herbs like thyme, curry, nutmeg, bay leaves, garlic and ginger. It can be cooked or served with meat or fish or purely vegetarian.

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Jan 28, 2018

Nigerian Tomato Stew Recipe

Nigerian tomato stew is a favourite must-have sauce that pairs up with an endless number of dishes from simple snacks to elaborate dinners. This sauce always delivers in terms taste and simplicity of cooking. All ingredients for this is available in most parts of the globe.

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Jan 27, 2018

AFANG SOUP | How To Cook Afang or Ukazi Soup

Afang soup is a delicacy of the Ibibio and Efiks of Southern Nigeria. Vegetable sauce prepared with assorted meat, fish and seafood. Usually served with fufu.

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Jan 25, 2018

Moimoi - Steamed Bean cake or Pudding

Moimoi is steamed bean pudding made from peeled and blended blackeyed beans, seasoned with salt, onion and pepper. Usually flavoured with corn beef, sardines, eggs, prawns or any other flavour of choice. Meat and fish could be replaced with vegetables for a vegetarian option

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Oct 14, 2017

Chicken in Groundnut Sauce

The first time I had chicken in groundnut sauce was 30 years ago when I attended college in Philadelphia. The chef at my school was from Nigeria. She

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