Banku is an indigenous fermented meal of maize or cassava or a combination of both, commonly eaten in Ghana. It is another popular African food.

It is eaten as a dumpling with traditional African soups, made from vegetables and meat or fish.

How to Prepare Banku

For a serving adequate for 2, about four cups of white maize is grinded into powder, or white maize flour is purchased, already gounded.

This is mixed with half a cup full of water, and mixed together to form a thick paste. The mixture is allowed to ferment for about 3 -4 days.

The fermented product is then kneaded with the hand thoroughly, until a very smooth dough is obtained.

This is placed then cut into small dumplings, the size of a tennis ball, and placed in a pot. Water is added to it, and boiled into a gelatinous mass for about an hour.

The cooked product is the Banku, ready to be served hot or cold with palm nut soup or any other African soup of choice.

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