Cocoyam Flour

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Cocoyam is very rich in vitamin B6 and magnesium, which help control high blood pressure and protect the heart.

It is very rich in dietary fibre too, and good for proper glucose metabolism. Popular amongst diabetics in Africa, may be due to its content of loose carbohydrate in form of starch rather than sugar.

This flour, made from desiccated and grounded cocoyam is very rich in loose starch, thus making it easily digestible, yet it is rich in fibre and protein. This property lends cocoyam very desirable for those with sensitive bowel – like irritable bowel syndrome, or those prone to form gas or wind after meals (trapped wind).

From Cameroon to Nigeria, Ghana, even to the Caribbean, cocoyam continues to form a main component of African food and source of high fibre carbohydrates. Now you do not have to take a flight to Lagos or Accra to get your coco yam flour.

Cocoyam flour is used as soup thickener, making cocoyam fufu, cocoyam chips, cocoyam bread, cocyam pancake and a lot more.

Are you curious? Why not try a sample today and see how it taste. Cocoyam flour is commonly used to prepare cocoyam fufu, and eaten with an African vegetable stew or soup. Buy cocoyam flour here and enjoy a delicious African meal.

Cocoyam Flour Recipe 

Items needed

  • 3 cups of water bring to boil
  • Moderate sized pot or bowl
  • Wooden spatula to stir the mix
  • 8 – 12 oz of cocoyam fufu flour


  • Bring about three cups of water to boil in a kettle.
  • Pour two cups into a medium sized pot or saucepan and place on low heat on a cooker
  • Carefully sprinkle about 8 – 12 oz of cocoyam flour into the pot or saucepan with water.
  • Stir at the same time, aiming to achieve a thick smooth paste of dough, much like mashed potato.
  • Had water or cocoyam flour to your desired texture.
  • Cover for 2 minutes and allow to simmer.
  • Stir again, and your cocoyam fufu is ready for serving.
  • Serve with banga soup or egusi or ogbono or any other African soup of your choice.

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