Crayfish for Food

Are you looking to buy crayfish for soup or as a pet in your aquarium? We stock only cray fish for soups and dishes here. But what are they, for the curious new comer to the world of crayfish and African foods?

Cray fish also called craw fish are small lobster-like sea arthropods, belonging to the Crustaceans family.

Though often kept as pets, doting aquariums world wide, they features frequently in authentic Asian, American and African foods, especially in communities close to fresh water streams.

Because of fears of crayfish introducing the deadly crayfish plague, non native crayfish movement and introduction to the UK in highly controlled and in many instances prohibited.

They are fished in medium to deep clean fresh water across Africa and United States and often desiccated in the sun, or mildly smoked for preservation. They can be used as fresh Cray fish too, and are used in popular crayfish dishes in Louisiana Creole cuisine with roots from Africa.

Desiccated crayfish comes in whole or grounded form, and is rich in protein, as would be expected from any fat free lean weight animal product.

We stock both whole and grounded crayfish for your culinary delight. Buy Cray fish here.

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