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Buy fish ...smoked and carefully packed in sealed container for freshness. We stock succulent smoked cat fish and dried yellow mystus fish both suitable for most African cuisines.

Most African soups are prepared with fish or meat along with vegetables, making these indisputably rich nutritionally. Buying fish from regular supermarkets could be prohibitively expensive. Many are therefore discouraged from including fish in the diet.

Fish as we know it is a healthier choice than meat and it is a great source of protein and essential fish oils for the young and old alike, as well as during pregnancy with many many benefits.

Come on now. Why not try one of our fish on display here. Buy fish online and get it delivered to you, all at the click of your mouse... at great price too.

Smoked Tilapia Fish Fillets Smoked Tilapia Fish Fillets £4.99
Succulent Smoked Tilapia Fish Fillets. 120g. Ideal for African soups and dishes Order now for £4.99.

Dried Mystus Fish Dried Yellow Mystus Fish £5.99 Was £9.99
Dried yellow mystus fish. 500g. Good for soups. Order now for £5.99.

Stockfish (cod) 1kg Stockfish (cod variety) 1kg £32.99
Stockfish (cod) 1kg. Great for ogbono soup. Order now for £32.99.

Tips for a Great Result

Whether you are preparing N'dolee, Palm nut soup, egusi or ogbono soup, you can achieve great taste using dried fish.

Dried and smoked fish are obviously richer in protein than fresh fish because of their dry weight, and contains the least amount of fat.

For a tasty result, soaking these fish in water for a few hours helps in bringing them to a tender state.

We would include more cooking ideas for dried fish in due course.

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