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Buy Ga Kenkey here. This fermented maize dough comes packed in a sealed container in it's traditional maize husk to retain flavor and freshness.

It is rich in high fiber desirable low GI carbohydrates advocated for use in diabetics because it slowly releases its carbohydrate content over a long time, helping the body handle its carb requirement for a perfect glycaemic index control.

Ga Kenkey, a fermented dough made from maize (corn) is a traditional Ghanaian staple food, initially eaten only amongst the Gas and Fantis of Ghana. It is now a widely eaten food all over Ghana. It is also eaten across other parts of West Africa including the people of Lagos State in Nigeria!

Ga Kenkey is nutritionally rich and especially a good inclusion in diets for diabetics, those with high abdominal fat, and indeed any who wants to control their weight and shape.

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Ghana Ga Kenkey. Cooked in traditional corn husk for full flavor. Order now for £2.99

Made from white corn meal, salt and water. No preservatives.

Store in a cool place. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within two days.

How To Prepare Ga Kenkey

Even though it is produced from fermented corn or maize, there are two varieties of kenkey, depending on small twist in the production… the Ga Kenkey and the Fanti Kenkey. Both types are produced by cooking fermented dough of corn wrapped in maize husk or plantain leaves.

The Ga Kenkey, also called Komi, is fermented for a few days, 2 – 3 days, wrapped in a single layer of maize husk, with salt added to spice up the flavour.

The Fanti kenkey is also called dokon, meaning "mouth watering", obviously referring to the pleasant taste and aroma that emanates from it after preparation.

It is usually fermented a little longer than the Ga type, and no salt is added. It is wrapped in about 5 – 6 layers of plantain leaves.

This traditional staple African food is already cooked and ready for serving.

To derive maximum enjoyment, warm kenkey in boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes until pipping hot.

Also microwaveable.

Please see label for further instructions.

For more information on kenkey, see Kenkey Section

and other Ghanaian Foods

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