Buy Garri Here

Buy Garri Here

You can now buy garri online and get it delivered to you anywhere in the UK. We stock yellow gari, Jebu gari and white gari. You can even buy the big 25kg bag of gari for great savings, all at the click of your mouse!

We can only deliver gari to buyers in the UK only at this time, due to the prohibitive cost of delivery. Buyers from outside the UK who still want gari delivered to them should please contact us to get an estimated delivery cost.

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Yellow gari is cleaned, and grated cassava tuber allowed to ferment for 3 to 7 days and fried with very small mix of palm oil. It is also generally known as Bendel gari in Nigeria. If that is what you want, then, come on, shop for it here.

Our gari is from carefully selected grade 1 gari finish, and we are confident you will enjoy it. We may deliver gari in plain bags different from that displayed here. We guarantee quality - that is our watch word.

Fill up your shopping basket now and make sure you enjoy your gari meal.

Yellow Gari - 1.5Kg Yellow Gari - 1.5Kg £2.99
Yellow gari at £2.99 only.

5kg Gari 5kg Gari £7.99
Yellow (red) garri. Order here now for £7.99. only

25kg Gari 25kg Gari £29.99
Grade 1 Premium garri. 25kg. Big savings. Order here now for £29.99. only

Because gari is rich in dietary fibre and complex starch, it is source of low GI carbohydrate that ensures slow release of energy over a long period of time.

Eaten with a rich plate of vegetable soup and fish, it will help ensure continuous energy levels good for concentration and academic activities.

Yellow gari is good for soaking as well as for making eba. The oil content also further helps to dilute any remaining cyanide content destroyed by fermentation.

You can eat yellow gari as eba with ogbono soup, banga soup, or any vegetable soup.

How to Prepare - Eba

Bring about three cups of water to boil in a medium size pot.

Scoop about 1/3rd cup full of garri and sprinkle it uniformly into the boiling water. Stir as you do this. Then with a wooden spatula, knead the semi formed dough until desired smoothness is obtained.

You can add water to achieve softness as required.

Cover for about 1 - 2 minutes to simmer.

Your eba is ready to be eaten with that delicious soup of yours.

This is for a single serving.

Preparation time is about 10 minutes.

For soup ideas suitable to eat eba, see egusi soup recipe here

Why not buy gari now and try out this simple and quick African meal.

Please read more about gari here.


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