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Maggi Cubes (Halal) Maggi Cubes £2.99
Buy maggi cubes. 100 cubes in a pack. Now 2.99.

Chicken Maggi Cube Chicken Maggi Cube £3.99
Chicken Maggi cube. Ideal if you do not eat beef. buy maggi cubes - £3.99.

Liquid Maggi Hot Liquid maggi Seasoning £1.99
Maggi Hot liquid seasoning. Suitable for vegetarians. Great on salads and meals. Order for £1.99.

Shrimps Cube Seasoning Jumbo Shrimps Cube Seasoning £3.99
Shrimps flavour cube. Not made by Maggi. Now £3.99 for a pack of 24 cubes

Chicken Cube Seasoning Jumbo Chicken Cube Seasoning £3.99
Chicken flavour cube. Not made by Maggi. Now £3.99 for a pack of 24 cubes

Maggi Cubes are great seasoning for soups, fish, meat, jollof rice and most other African foods or Asian Cuisines.

It is a blend of glutamate, starch, vegetable oil, and salt, with a particular flavouring. Common flavours used include chicken flavour, shrimp flavour and beef flavour. There is pure vegetarian maggi cube, just in case you do not like any of the other common flavours. Many vegetarians use shrimps flavoured maggi anyway. They do not contain real shrimps…just the flavour.

We deliver maggi cubes to any where in the UK. If you want any of these items and live outside the UK, contact us and leave a note and we can arrange special delivery to you.

We also stock liquid maggi seasoning for a deliciously spicy salad, also suitable for vegetarians.

Are you looking for other types of African food seasonings like knorr cubes or jumbo cubes? See our stock above. Buy maggi cube with ease here.

Come on. Pick the stew, meat, fish or vegetable seasoning condiment of your choice. Flavours presented here are no doubt plentiful. All to give you more choice.

Thinking of a Maggi recipe to prepare? Click here.

Magi cubes come in a pack of 100 cubes in a bag, and you can buy your maggi cube here and will be delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

Popular maggi recipes include Maggi Chicken Pot, Maggi Noodles, and Vegetarian Maggi Curry.

Are you new to the use of maggi? Why not go to our page on Maggi Cubes and see why you should buy maggi cubes here and to learn more about how to use this seasoning cube to prepare various delicious African food.


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