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Buy palm fruit sauce commonly called banga soup sauce here. You do not have to travel to Accra, Kumasi, Sapele or Lagos to get to eat your favorite palm nut fruit sauce soup.

We stock Ghana Fresh, Trofai and Ghana Best. You can pick and choose from any one of them. If there is a particular type of palm nut fruit sauce concentrate you want, let us know.

These palm nut fruit sauce are from freshly squeezed palm nut pulp, and concentrated exactly the way it is traditionally done, and stored without any additive.

You can thus be confident to buy palm fruit sauce concentrate that is free from additives.


This sauce is used in preparing Mbanga or banga soup, generally known as palm nut fruit soup.

It is cooked with fish and an assorted collection of meat and meat parts – sharki, beef, goat, chicken to taste.

Empty the content of the can into a medium sized cooking pot.

Add about two cups of water to dilute it. Include your spices and allow to simmer. Add your already boiled and spiced assorted meat, sea foods, snail and or fish.

You may include a blend of fresh pepper, tomatoes and certainly slices or onions. Maggi cube seasonings too are welcome.

Cook for 10 – 20 minutes.

Your palm fruit sauce soup is ready.

Palm nut fruit sauce, apart from been used in soups, it is also across communities in Africa to prepare:

  • Banga Rice
  • Palm fruit – cocoyam porridge (Called Ekpete by the itsekiris of Delta State Nigeria)
  • Attieke Soup amongst other


For more details of palm nut soup recipe, and how to cook banga soup even if you are thousands of miles away from home, go to our page on banga soup

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