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Are you looking for where to buy palm oil? We stock red unrefined natural palm oil. Get your crude palm oil with all natures nutritional goodness locked up in it, unadulterated. You shop, we deliver to you any where in the UK.

This product is the same as the Brazilian Dende Oil, except that this oil is more concentrated, as it is the crude palm oil, undiluted and unrefined.

We can also deliver palm oil to the USA and European union, provided the total weight of what is purchased is no more than 1kg.

Our palm oil comes in:

  • 450mLs to 500mLs Bottle
  • 1 litre Bottle and
  • 2 Litres Bottle

You pick up your choice, we deliver straight to your door.

Palm oil has been described as the best vegetable oil in the world. It is highly nutritious. It is healthy. It helps reduce cholesterol in us.

It is a must if you are planning to cook or prepare a number of African dishes including soups like:

  • Ogbono soup
  • Egusi Soup
  • Gbegiri Soup
  • Afang Soup
  • Edikaekon Soup
  • Efo'riro Soup
  • Owo' Soup

... and cooking other items like beans, moi-moi, and an almost endless list of traditional African food dishes. It is also used as a 'sauce' to eat roasted or boiled yam or plantain.

Malaysian palm oil is used exactly as the above oils from West Africa. The very first ever palm oil to reach Malaysia came from Africa. It was back in Benin-City Nigeria in West Africa that palm oil was taken to Malaysia and cultivated. If you are looking for Malaysian palm oil, this is the unrefined version. Why not buy palm oil from one of our ranges here.

Buy Palm Oil From Ethical Farms

Palm Oil is made from the pulp of the palm tree fruit called Elaeis guineensis. It is a tree found growing in the wild in most Tropical Rain Forests, especially in West Africa. In the last 80 years, palm oil production has become a big business, and trees are now grown in commercial scale, to meet the growing demand for palm oil in domestic use as well as for bio diesel.

This has resulted in deforestation of may parts of regions where palm oil is produced in large commercial quantities.

We care about the environment. We always insist that suppliers from whom we buy palm oil ensure that these come from ethical plantations where the integrity of the farm regions are conserved by re-forestation, saving the planet and the Orangutans, gorilla, baboons and other animals who live in these niches.

This is our stand on the ethical production of palm oil products. Buy your palm oil online here and contribute to the conservation of the environment with well valued suggestions.

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