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Want to try out that tantalizing plantain recipe? Feel like eating dodo? or plantain chips? Yummy. Buy plantain here and get it delivered to your door at the click of a mouse!

We stock carefully selected mature plantain. You can easily leave your plantain covered at home and get it ripened ready for dodo or ripened plantain chips.

... Are you looking for Matoke? We can get you Ugandan matoke. Just send us a request.

Our plantain comes in bundles of about 1kg. We can deliver up to 10kg of plantain to anywhere in the UK. If you want to buy plantain from outside the UK, we can only deliver up to 1kg and a total consignment weight of no more than 2kg.

If you are new to plantain and want to learn more about this close cousin of banana, then follow the links to your left above to explore the world of plantain.

We also bring you ripe plantain crisp also called yellow plantain chips or kpekere.

Plantain crisp is made from natural plantain, fried in vegetable oil, and packaged. No preservative, no sugar, no honey, no artificial ingredients. Oluolu plantain chips in no doubt the number one plantain chips in the market. Include one in your shopping basket today and have a tantalizing taste of African crisp!

Buy Plantain

Plantain 1kg Plantain 1kg £1.99
Mature green plantain. 1Kg. Order now for £1.99 per Kg

Ripe Plantain Crisp Ripe Plantain Crisp £0.75
Ripe plantain crisp (kpekere). Order now for £0.75 per Kg


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