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Looking for where to buy stockfish? You can get top quality Norwegian cod stockfish to buy online here. We also stock fish from Iceland. Stockfish is enjoyed by Africans world over, and continues to feature greatly in African food delicacies. Yes. Buy your stock fish online here!

Because quality is our watch word, we only stock the cod variety. Cod fish is rich in nutrient, very low in fat in the fresh state, and fat content almost negligible once air-dried to make stockfish.

You can pick your choice of fish from any of the ones featured above to prepare any of your favourite African food delicacies, from efo riro, palm nut (banga) soup, ogbono soup, or even as an addition to jollof rice, vegetable salad or indeed any quick meal. They come as:

  • Whole Stockfish 1kg each

  • Stockfish Pieces in 200g packs ready for cooking

  • Stock fish shavings

  • ... and Snack fish.

They are prepared and packaged in the most hygienic condition.

You can buy whole stockfish, cut and packaged ones or indeed choose from our Ready to eat variety, meaning that you do not have to "beat the fish for hours with mallet, then soak it in water for days before cooking with it", as done by our grandparents. We are here to see that in whatever form you want to enjoy your fish, it is ready for you.

Stockfish has been shown to be superior to smoked fished as a healthy alternative. It is produced by air drying fish in sun, thus free from the damages smoking of food do to our body. It is exceedingly rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron and iodine. It is also very rich in vitamins B1, B2, B5 and B12, needed for maintaining good memory, vitality and release of energy.

It is an easily digestible fish and palatable when properly prepared. It also contains high levels of Lactobacillus plantarum, a 'good' bacteria, similar to that found in yogurts that help our gut and protect against bad bacteria.

Nothing protects your guts against disease more than having good bacteria in your diet! Those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have found this fish very helpful in their diet. Another reason to buy stock fish and include it in your diet often.

Buy Stockfish Knowing We Support Responsible Fishing

Our fish comes from the Barents Sea off the coast of Norway and Russia, in the Northeast Atlantic FAO Statistical Area 27.

We care about the environment and actively encourage responsible fishing, in line with recommendations by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). We only buy stockfish from companies who adhere to the Total Allowable Catch quota system. It is our little way of ensuring that the cod population is not depleted for generations yet unborn.

Buy Stockfish Wholesale

Looking to buy stock fish on wholesale basis, we can help. get wholesale supplied to anywhere in the UK at very competitive price. We can even arrange for supplies the EU, America, Canada and Africa.

Send us a mail at our contact us page, stating the quantity you are looking to purchase, and the destination, and we will get back to you on estimates and transportation costs as well as possible dates to deliver.

So buy your stock fish with confidence.

You can get more information on stockfish by visiting our main page on stock fish or go to our sister site on, another place where you can buy stockfish online at the click of your mouse and get it delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

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