Delivery Charges & Policy

It is always our delight to serve you. We aim to deliver your ordered items to your door with maximum speed, minimum hassle and lowest possible packaging and delivery charges to you.

We mainly make deliveries to anywhere in the UK at this moment. We also make deliveries to the United States, the EU and other countries too.

For orders outside the UK, please contact us first for an estimate of cost of packaging and postage before putting in orders.

As a general rule, items less than 2kg can be delivered at the same cost shown below to anywhere in the world.

Packaging and delivery charges are influenced by the prices imposed by our contracted courier company and the Royal Mail.

It would always be cheaper to order in bulk as this will reduce delivery price. The following are therefore true of our charges:

  1. All orders for goods less than £10.00 in total will attract a delivery charge of £8.99

  2. All total orders between £10.00 - £24.99 will attract a delivery charge of £7.99

  3. All total orders between £25.00 - £74.99 will attract a delivery charge of £7.85

  4. All total orders between £75.00 - 149.99 will attract a delivery charge of £6.95

  5. Orders greater than £ 150.00 will be delivered free in main land UK.

On delivery, we would normally require you to sign for goods delivered.

If you would not be at home, please ensure someone who can sign for your goods is around.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, if you have a bright idea on how to cut down our delivery charges less than what is shown above - to the benefit of our teeming customers!

Delivery Times

We aim to deliver all goods ordered for within 48 - 96 hours of receipt of order notice (working days). You can put in orders any time even at weekends too.

All orders are subject to availability.

If we do not have an item ordered in stock as at of the time of receipt of your order, we shall promptly email you to inform you and let you know when the item may be available and delivered.

Please read go to the next section for our cancellation policy

As can be appreciated, while we do everything we can to deliver your order, we do not have control over agents who we use to meet this end. We can not therefore accept liability for any damages caused by delay of delivery.


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