Consumer Rights Assured

We subscribe to the Consumer rights and protection laws in the UK. So relax and put in your order. Know your rights and online shopping laws. For clarity, we shall briefly reiterate rights you possess as a consumer, also called consumer rights.

Your Rights

Shopping online from any site is regulated by the same principles and laws governing shopping from a local store or shop.

You retain universally recognised consumer protection rights or guarantees, which include that goods and or services must be:

  • Of acceptable quality

  • Fit for purpose

  • Fit to be sold

  • Quality / quantity meets the given description during display

  • Durable (except for known perishable items)

Same is true for services too. Service providers should carry out their services with accept level of skills and expertise expected of persons who undertake such services, services be fit for purpose, undertaking within reasonable time, and a price be agreed.

You are also by right, supposed to be clearly told how much you will be paying, the delivery / postage cost if it applies, cost of any applicable tax / Vat before purchase, payment methods available, cancellations, return policy, your privacy guarantee, and what to do if things go wrong, in terms of complains.

All transaction must be free from sharp practises, fraud, or misrepresentations.

It is always good practise to note the name and physical address of the person or company from whom you are making your purchase, and also a written description of the goods or services.

When shopping online or from a mail order company, it is a consumer right provision that you are able to cancel your order within seven days, without having to give any explanation.

Consumer protection rights in the UK provides that you can get full refund if you did not get the goods delivered within 30 days, except on occasions where this has been pre-agreed.

What You are not Entitled To

Consumer rights are clear also on areas you cannot go beyond. Consumer protection rights forbid the buyer or consumer from:

  1. Returning purchased items from shops, auctions, or any other place where the goods have been seen and agreed on for no valid reason like evidence of existing damage or defect

  2. Can not return goods just because it has been found to be cheaper somewhere else

  3. Cannot return perishable goods like fresh flowers or fresh food or personalised goods

  4. Cannot returned sealed tapes, video or software that has been opened

  5. Cannot return newspapers and magazines after taking them away

  6. Cannot return items known to be faulty before purchase

  7. Cannot return or claim for items damaged by the consumer

  8. Cannot return items held for too long a time since purchase (generally more than seven days, but could also be up to 28 days)

Consumer Right – What to do if things Go Wrong

After all the care in the world, things sometimes go wrong. Once you are sure you are not in the wrong, get all the details of the retailer / manufacturer or service provider, details of the transaction, dates, and amount, and contact them. Do this at the very first instance you learn of your dissatisfaction.

If you are doing this in writing by post (highly recommended), make sure you send the mail by recorded or signed for delivery. You can by all means send an email too.

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