Bringing Africa Home 
A Cookbook of 52 Easy African Recipes

“Bringing Africa Home A Cookbook of 52 Easy African Recipes: With easy to follow steps and most ingredients available in big grocery stores” is a collection of flavorful, spicy and aromatic recipes from of Africa, written for Africans at home and non-Africans as well, whether in Africa or abroad that continent. 

It is a book, the first of its kind featuring African recipes prepared in traditional African ways as well as adaptable to western ways of cooking, like the use of a slow cooker, a cooking appliance not often used in the continent. 

Are you adventitious and looking to try out some African recipes? What is your tolerance level for hot spicy foods?

The recipes in this African cookbook have been written to allow for the use of varying amount of spices and you would be able to find most of the ingredients in large groceries stores near you or at African foods stores near you or even order online.

As the name suggest you can have the option of trying one meal a week from the continent. The different sections include: Children’s meals, meat based meals, vegetarian and my favorite crockpot (slow cooker) recipes.

These first sets of easy to do recipes would get you started in exploring the delicious food this great and diverse continent. 52 recipes are just only a tip of what is available that is why the book is the first of a series of books to present the food of the continent to you.

Bringing Africa Home A Cookbook of 52 Easy African Recipes: Featured Recipes

This book features foods from across the African continent, including foods from Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Some Nigerian recipes of note here you should try right away include honey beans cooked in slow cooker, Banga soup (referred to as palm nut butter or fruit sauce in some parts of Africa or Moambe sauce) slow cooker recipe, stove top coconut rice cooked with peppers, blackeyed beans slow cooker recipes you can prepare overnight or while you are away working and be ready for dinner when you are back, jollof rice and moimoi.

Kenya recipe featured include the famous kuku paka (Kenyan curry sauce), kelewele, lentil soup and many more.

The book Bringing Africa Home 52 Easy African Recipes is full of uniquely put together food ideas for you if you suffer with celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity. You can look at the rice, yam, plantain and beans recipes, all devoid of contaminants or gluten containing recipes.

Are you looking for recipes to help you stay away from grains and wheats to help with weight loss? You are covered: You would find lots of the recipes presented in this 52 easy African cookbook to be a great alternative.

It is a book that should be in every kitchen shelf – whether you new to African food flavour or not.

The  book is currently available on kindle on

Bringing Africa Home 52 Easy African Recipes Reviews

Reviews help everyone. Especially honest unbiased reviews. This book has been written with careful attention to details, yet maintaining the authenticity of the recipes. 

If you find the recipes described here in Bringing Africa Home 52 Easy African Recipes tasteful and pleasant, please do not hesitate to share recipes with family and friends. Also be sure to leave a review for me on Amazon.

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