Dried Thyme Leaves

Have you used dried thyme leaves in cooking before? You will love it on your chicken or fish recipe!

Dried thyme is obtained from dried and crushed leave of a perennial herb called Thymus vulgaris. This herb grows as a small shrub in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Asia. It belongs to the mint family.

This aromatic herb is used in cooking and had a spicy delightful taste to meat, fish and soups. No wonder it is a widely used spicy in most African foods. Mind you, it is also largely used in Mediterranean and European Dishes. Spain remains the largest producer of thyme and thyme oil.

Are you looking to prepare a vegetable or meat stock? Or is it a quick marinade? Thyme is suitable both for vegetarian marinades or meat stock. 

You can use thyme to prepare about any dish, and easily blends well to provide a good flavour. You can use it a fresh leave to cook as well.

Apart from its use in preparing thyme recipes, it is widely used in as additional spice in stews, traditional African foods like egusi soup, ogbono, ewedu, nodolee, and pepper soup.

Other Uses of Thyme

Cooking with thyme brings along other benefits, apart from turning a normal meat meal into a delightful mouth watering feast. Thyme has proven antibacterial property.

Thyme also has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant, thus has an anti-aging and anticancer effect.

Thyme oil is among the top 10 best essential oils on earth.

Thyme is used in the treatment of arthritis, colds, sore throat, dermatitis, scabies and insect bite.

It is also used in making perfumes (the leaves from which thyme oil is derived), toothpaste and as food preservative.

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