Maggi Cube Seasoning

Maggi cube is an all purpose seasoning condiment used in adding delicious flavors to meat, fish, vegetables or even whole soups and stews.

It is a great way of adding stimulating flavor to your salad, especially the liquid seasoning.

It comes in various flavors - halal maggi, chicken maggi and completely vegetarian maggi.

It is widely used in most African and Asian dishes.

There would hardly be any true African kitchen without this cube or a semblance.

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Maggi, made by Nestle Foods Limited, contain mono sodium glutamate with iodine, soy beans, and vegetable of fat, free from cholesterol.

As mentioned above, some are molded in a base of chicken flavor, beef flavor, shrimps flavor or vegetable alone.

Maggi, also comes as a liquid seasoning, free from meat, thus very suitable for vegetarians.

The mono sodium glutamate in maggi, contrary to opinions in some quarters, is safe. Mono sodium glutamate is the same as the common salt we use, with the addition of an amino acid called glutamate. This is what the US Food and Drug Administration has to say on this:

"A 1995 report from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), an independent body of scientists, helps put these safety concerns into perspective and reaffirms the Food and Drug Administration's belief that MSG and related substances are safe food ingredients for most people when eaten at customary levels". -

The glutamate helps in transmission of impulses in the brain and nerves. Many other commonly used naturally occurring food substances contain glutamate.

Some individuals are allergic to mono sodium glutamate, just as normal people could be allergic to aspirin, paracetamol, or nuts.

If you are allergic to mono sodium glutamate, then please avoid using maggi preparations.

Common signs and symptoms of allergy to mono sodium glutamate as in maggi include: Headache, feeling nauseated, burning sensation in the throat or back of the neck, chest pain, rashes, or even difficulty with breathing following consumption of items containing mono sodium glutamate.

Nutritional Value of Maggi

These cubes contain mainly iodine and mono sodium glutamate.

The iodine constituent provides a necessary ingredient the body requires in making thyroxine, a hormone that help regulate the body’s functions.

People who lack iodine in their food for a long time develops a swelling in their neck called goiter (please note that lack of iodine is just one of the reasons for goiter. If you have goiter, see your doctor to determine why and offer treatment advice).

Maggi Recipes

If you are looking for bright ideas to spice up your cooking, then why not try these tantalizing Maggi recipes. Most of them are French, continental, Chinese, Indian or Japanese. There are a few North African Maggi recipe too.

Cook healthy African food. Enjoy variety. Add a maggi cube or liquid seasoning. Get a maggi recipe

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