Ghanaian Foods
A Taste Of The Ashantis & Fantis

Are you looking for Ghanaian foods? You must be looking to prepare some mouth watering delicacies – or at least learn about them.

Ghanaian foods, like most African foods, are prepared from vegetables, tubers, grains, fish, other sea foods, snails, and meat of various kinds.

Foods of Ghana are as varied and diverse in constituents and preparation are the beautiful people who occupy the modern day Ashanti Confederacy and the various Fante states along the former Gold Coast.

With a population of over 21 million, 79 languages (9 main languages – Akan, Ga, Nzema, Dagbane, Kasem, Dangme, Ewe, Gonja, and Dagbane), and cultural orientation depending on whether you are from the North of Ghana (Ashanti), East (Brong Ahafo), Central Ghana or Accra, as well as religious leaning, it is not difficult to imagine that one food may be popular in one part of Ghana, and not in the other.

Most Ghanaian foods are prepared from the same food items. Common Ghanaian foods however includes:

  • RICE
  • YAM

Ghanaian Dishes

The following are popular Ghanaian foods and dishes prepared from a combination of any of the above common Ghanaian foods

  • KENKEY (Made out of maize or corn dough)
  • FUFU (Made out of pounding a mixture of plantain and cassava )
  • WAAKYE (Rice mixed with beans boiled together)
  • BANKU (Similar to kenkey, made out of maize or corn dough, smoother in texture)
  • GARI (Made out of cassava in grated form, comes out in little sugar- like crystals)
  • RICE BALLS (Made out of boiled rice)
  • BEANS & RIPE PLANTAIN (Beans cooked in onion and tomato sauce, with spices eaten with fried ripe plantain)
  • YAM/COCOYAM PUDDING (Chopped yam/cocoyam cooked in tomato and onion sauce, with spices as preferred.) SOUPS
  • OKRO (Cooked in onion and tomato sauce with spices, meat and fish eaten with BANKU, RICE, and KENKEY)
  • GROUNDNUT SOUP (Cooked in tomato and onion sauce with spices as preferred, meat, chicken or fish by choice. Eaten with FUFU, RICE, KENKEY, BANKU)
  • PALMNUT SOUP (Husk of crushed palm nuts, tomato, onions ,spices, meat, fish as desired, eaten with FUFU,YAM, KENKEY)

So, whether you are walking in the streets of Accra, or Navrongo, from Kumasi to Takoradi, Madina to Tema, or even in London, you can be sure of what Ghanaian food to eat. For specific information on these Ghanaian foods and Ghanaian recipes, please visit the respective pages above.

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