African Desserts

African desserts are varied, simple, readily available, naturally sweet, and buoyantly refreshing. We bring you top African dessert recipes ideas to fondle your taste buds with savory memories after a sumptuous dinner.

Contrary to believes in some quarters, they are a frequent accompaniment to traditional African meals and are prepared from blend of freshly harvested fruits from the back garden or evening market or home made yogurts like Nuonu or natural sweet drinks as in Northern Nigeria to roasted fruits like roasted ripe plantain (bolie) cakes and pastries like quaka and Ikaara in Southern Nigeria.

In Africa and south of the Sahara, the African fruit salad is the most popular dessert and is served across all cultures and regions therein. This African food dessert recipe is made from fruits like:

  • Pineapple,
  • Papaya,
  • Banana,
  • Fresh tropical oranges,
  • Horned Melon,
  • Mangoes,
  • Coconuts
  • Soursop fruit e.t.c., diced and served with home made yogurt or milk and honey or some other dressings where available.

The selection of tropical fruits available on the African continent makes desserts readily presentable with meals with little effort.

North African desserts are mainly prepared from dried fruits and raisins, cakes, pastry and milk drinks.