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African Foods: The African Way.

African and Afrocaribbean foods are unrefined natural products often grown at subsistence level across that continent.

From the estuaries of the Zambezi basin to the plains of Ashante, far afield to castles in Casablanca, Calabar, Lagos, Lome to the legendary port of Alexandria, African cuisines are prepared from ingredients made from cassava, millet, sorghum, cocoyam, rice, beans, matoke, plantain, palm oil, yam, fish, poultry, bush meat, beef, and an array of fruits and vegetables. And more. And more.

They are often food items rich in dietary fibers and low in refined sugars and additives, providing a balanced highly nutritional diet when properly prepared and eaten.

Most fruits like mangoes, bananas, oranges, pawpaw, pineapples, coconuts and a host of other "tropical fruits" known in the Western world comes from Africa or The Caribbeans. They are every day fruits found growing in most premises in African towns and cities and make part of the African dessert.

Facts About African Foods

African foods: Often quite spicy!

Facts about African foods understandably, will be better related by Africans themselves.

That not much is known about foods from Africa stems from the fact that people from that extraction are yet to take the message of African dishes and foods outside their continent, and sell it as vigorously as the Asians have done to their food, that in many parts of the Western world, Indian foods and Indian Restaurants, Chinese foods and Chinese Restaurants and even Thai foods and Thai Restaurants are so well known that they eclipse traditional Western cuisines in certain districts.

That is about to change. In many parts of London, Paris, New York and indeed many big western cities, you are now sure to find African food stores and restaurants, offering delicious African cuisines that are as tantalizing and nutritious as foods from anywhere else in the world.

Africans, through their foods, as is their unique culture and values, bring exciting diversity and beauty to the human race and experience and offers opportunity to all others to explore such cuisines and find an exquisite delight in the taste of Africa.

Africans, wherever they are, take pride in cooking and eating carefully prepared meals, devoid of modern day refinement and contamination. They seek natural produce, fresh from the farms near their homes where possible, prepare them into variety of finish products and serve these to the family or household, all enjoying their meal round the table or by the fire side.

Meal times are sacrosanct. Stories are told, though children are often advised not to speak much to prevent choking. Morals are taught. Community and societal values are reinforced. It is that time of the day that every member of the family looks forward to.

Recipes & Where To Buy African Foods

Get first hand information here on vital facts about African cuisines as well as information on their health and nutritional values where available. We also aim to help you on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Detailed and emphatic answer to one rather puzzling question many people ask: "what do Africans eat?". You will also be able to explore the range of foods eaten in many African countries, including African food recipes, typical breakfast, lunch and dinners, party and special event dishes and more
  • Bring you access to where to buy African foods online and get them delivered to your door
  • Provide answers on specific queries regarding foods eaten in Africa or how to get them and get real answers from real individuals who are experts in this field. Feel free to contact us regarding your query on any matter on African cuisines and foodstuffs
  • Be able to buy and sell African related items and reach African audience World over
  • Find African Restaurant and Food Store close to your home
  • And of course contribute your African stories here and get them published!

Where ever you are, join hands and let's make African cuisines and foods more accessible to the enjoyment of all.


We are working to provide original videos on African cuisines and recipes from across the continent. 

If you have a favorite African dish you enjoy and can produce a short video on how to prepare it, why not share it here? Please contact us now and let's create a page for your special video.

Diet And Health Tips For The African Stomach

"You are what you eat". Because of the unique nature of our food, we have some health advantage and indeed some disadvantages too, depending on what exactly you choose to eat, how you prepare your meal, and other related eating and dieting habits.

We would be bringing you evidenced based write ups on healthy eating tips for the African stomach researched and written by health professionals with experience in this area. One of such is the page on Healthy Eating Tips.

Watch this space.

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