Pounded Yam Recipe


Welcome to the home of African foods. Join us as we go through pounded yam recipe for how to prepare pounded yam. Pounded yam is prepared as a main meal, to be eaten with stew or the real African soup.

This is one of the most presitgious meals you could request for in an African restaurant.

Now you can prepare it at hone. Just follow these steps. Tweak the preparation details to suit your taste. This African food item is suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.


For two persons or two servings


Pounded yam - about 600grams

Cooking Pot

4 cups of water

Wooden spatula or mixer

Cooking Time

Estimated cooking time, 6 minutes


• Bring water to boil in a cooking pot

• Once boiling, sprinkle pounded yam flour into the boiling water, and stir the ensuing dough until your desired texture is obtained.

• Sprinkle about a quarter cup of water on the dough, and cover the pot in low heat and allow dough to simmer.

• Need dough thoroughly with the wooden spatula to desired smoothness

• Your pounded yam is made.

• Serve with vegetable and fish or meat stew (egusi or ogbono or edikaekon, or banga soup)

The pounded yam recipe presented here is how it is commonly done with ready made pounded yam flour. If you prefer the pounded yam to come out soft, just had water peice-meal and stir.

You can get more tips and information on the preparation of traditional African pounded yam and pounded yam recipe here.

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