Cowpeas Recipe

A well-prepared cowpeas recipe is delicious and highly nutritious. Cowpeas are one of the oldest crops known to man. They are annual plants that feed both man and animals with origin in West Africa. Cowpea recipes are simple and easy to do with cowpeas readily available in most parts of the world so you can try several recipes.

Are you looking to eat more plant-based food? Or you want to include meatless day every week, and you are looking for dinner ideas? Then try some cowpeas recipe. Cowpeas, known in some places as southern pea, black-eyed pea or crowder pea has its roots in Africa.

Some everyday recipes include waakye, samp and cowpeas meal, cowpeas curry, cowpeas and sweet potato stews, and many others. It is available in many grocery shops and highly versatile in what you can do with them.

Cowpeas can be eaten boiled, as casseroles, purees, and as soup thickners like in owoh or gbegiri soup.

Cowpeas may take longer on the stove to cook but not difficult. If you want the cooking time brought to about a quarter, then, you should invest in an instant pot. You can either use the pressure cooker mode or slow cooker option. Slow cooking requires hours of cooking time but this tool allows you to do other things and not bother attending to your cooking for the duration.

The recipe we are looking at is on the stove top, which most people already own one. It is recommended that you cook your cowpea from scratch as it is cheaper and you are spared the sometimes excess sodium and preservatives found in caned ones.

Whether you are using the stovetop or instant pot, it is great batch cook cowpeas so have them on hand to use for the week. Or freeze in little bags for use for the month.

Basic Cowpeas Recipe

Cowpeas Recipe


Prep Time: 15min then soaking overnight 8-12hours

Cooking Time: 1hr 30min


  • 4 cups dry cowpeas
  • salt to taste


For best result, wash and soak your cowpeas overnight in about three times water. For instance, one cup of beans soaked in three cups of water as it gets to more than double the quantity.

Drain the water you used in soaking and rinse cowpeas before cooking. This process reduces cooking time and makes the cowpea easy on the stomach for those that have problems with flatulence after eating legumes.

Transfer cowpeas to a pot and pour in enough water to cover beans by at least an inch and half and cook on medium-low until pea, is cooked tender which could take about an hour and hour. 

Add salt to taste in the half-hour of cooking.

Use immediately in any recipe, eat on its own on bread, with rice, with plantain or freeze in bags for use at a later day.

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